A Stanford Biodesign Program Development Partner Japan Biodesign

A Stanford Biodesign Program Development PartnerJapan Biodesign

Program Overview


Biodesign was launched by Dr. Paul Yock and other members of Stanford University in 2001 as a development and training program for talents who will lead innovations in medical devices based on Design-Thinking approach. The program develops solutions to various problems, using the needs in the clinical site as the starting point while verifying the perspective of commercialization from the initial stages of development, and is characterized by approaches that make innovation a reality.
Applications are sent from around the world to participate in a course lasting approximately one year, called “Fellowship.” Competition is fierce, with more than eighteen times competition rate, and only eight candidates are selected each year. Forty companies were started up during the 14-year period, and applications for over 400 patents were filed. In addition, over 500,000 patients receive benefits from devices that were created through this program. The program has already been introduced to India, Singapore, Ireland and the UK, and their introduction is currently being studied in countries all over the world.


BIODESIGN The Process of Innovating Medical Technologies,Yock.Petal.より

A Stanford Biodesign Program Development PartnerJapan Biodesign

Osaka University, The University of Tokyo and Tohoku University concluded program-development partnership with Stanford University in order to establish Japan Biodesign. With implementing entities being made up of Osaka University’s Graduate School of Medicine and the Global Center for Medical Engineering and Informatics, The University of Tokyo’s Medical Innovation Initiative, and Tohoku University Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering, Japan Biodesign cooperates with Biodesign Japan to conduct Fellowship, Classes and various seminars.

Osaka University

Sawa Yoshiki

Sawa Yoshiki Dean, Graduate School of Medicine Chairman,
Japan Biodesign Steering committee

Yagi Masakazu

Yagi Masakazu Visiting faculty member,
Graduate School of Medicine
Program Director, Japan Biodesign

Kenji Yamada

Kenji Yamada MEI, Visiting professor

The University of Tokyo

Kimura Hiromichi

Kimura Hiromichi Visiting professor,
Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Japan Biodesign Steering committee

Maeda Yujiro

Maeda Yujiro Project Assistant Professor,
Medical Innovation Initiative,
Program Co-Director, Japan Biodesign

Tohoku University

Izumi Shinichi

Izumi Shinichi Dean, Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering,
Japan Biodesign Steering committee

Nagatomi Ryoichi

Nagatomi Ryoichi Vice Dean, Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering,

Nakagawa Atsuhiro

Nakagawa Atsuhiro Lecturer,
University Hospital, Neurosurgery and Emergency Medicine,
Program Co-Director, Japan Biodesign


Nakao Koji

Nakao Koji Chairman, The Japan Federation of Medical Devices Associations,
Advisory board,
Japan Biodesign Steering committee

Omori Sayaka

Omori Sayaka Japan Biodesign Industrial Faculty

Nishiuchi Daisuke

Nishiuchi Daisuke Program Co-Director, Japan Biodesign Industrial Faculty

Stanford Biodesign

Paul G. Yock

Paul G. Yock Founder, Director, Stanford Biodesign
Japan Biodesign Steering committee

Gordon Saul

Gordon Saul Executive Director, Stanford Biodesign
Japan Biodesign Steering committee

Dan Azagury

Dan Azagury Assistant Director, Stanford Biodesign

Ikeno Fumiaki

Ikeno Fumiaki Program Director (US), Stanford Biodesign
Advisory Director, Japan Biodesign

Lyn Denend

Lyn Denend Associate Director, Stanford Biodesign


Yamamoto Kazuki

Yamamoto Kazuki Secretary General, Biodesign Japan

External Expert Lecturers (Under Construction)

Japan Biodesign program is inviting expert lecturers from various quarters.