A Stanford Biodesign Program Development Partner Japan Biodesign

A Stanford Biodesign Program Development PartnerJapan Biodesign



This is a core course for training and developing innovative talents through Biodesign, held for ten months on a full-time basis from October to July. It consists of two programs: programs held individually at Osaka University, the University of Tokyo, and Tohoku University, as well as a three-university joint program offered under the name of Japan Biodesign. The programs are basically held in Japanese. However, because the participants receive mentoring by the Stanford faculty and undergo training at Stanford, the curriculum are implemented in two languages, i.e., Japanese and English.


Recruit for 2017 fellowship has been closed.

2016 Fellows

Tohoku University

Hara Yosuke, M.D.
Kawamura Fumihiko

The University of Tokyo

Takeshita Nobuyoshi, M.D., Ph.D.
Xinyang Li

Osaka University

Masuda Hirotada
Konstantin Shalnov, Ph.D.
Uchida Tomoyuki, Ph.D.
Hazama Shunsuke

Externship supporting company/organization

The Fellowship program has an externship in the Silicon Valley etc, and Japan Biodesign is collaborating with the following companies and organizations.