A Stanford Biodesign Program Development Partner Japan Biodesign

A Stanford Biodesign Program Development PartnerJapan Biodesign



This is a core course for training and developing innovative talents through Biodesign, held for ten months on a full-time basis. It consists of two programs: programs held individually at Osaka University, the University of Tokyo, and Tohoku University, as well as a three-university joint program offered under the name of Japan Biodesign. The programs are basically held in Japanese. However, because the participants receive mentoring by the Stanford faculty and undergo training at Stanford, the curriculum are implemented in two languages, i.e., Japanese and English.


Please see the website of each university for current recruitment.

2023 Fellow

Tohoku University

Mari Nakao, M.D., M.A., Ph.D.
Akihiko Kuwahata, Ph.D.
Kana Abe, M.D.
Aoi Sakurai, R.N., M.D.

The University of Tokyo

Koichi Narita, M.D., Ph.D.
Yutaka Hoshino, M.D., Ph.D.
Ryosuke Tsumura, Ph.D.
Kensaku Taniyama, MEng

Osaka University

Taiki Iba, M.D.
Hiroki Takanari, M.D., Ph.D.
Mai Kurata, Business
Takayuki Arai, Engineer/Diagnostics

Successful Career

Japan Biodesign Fellowship alumni work widely at their places such as companies, schools, institutes, and their own startup companies. They use the method, knowledges, experiences, and relations built up through Japan Biodesign fellowship program.

Remohab Inc.
Established in March, 2017
Remohab Inc.
Taniguchi Tatsunori (2015 Osaka alumnus)
Alivas Inc
Established in August, 2017
Alivas Inc
Tajima Tomoyuki (2015 Tokyo alumnus) &
Takeshita Nobuyoshi (2016 Tokyo alumnus)
Established in June, 2018
Hara Yosuke (2016 Tohoku alumnus)
Quattro Medical Technologies, Inc.
Established in May, 2019
Quattro Medical Technologies, Inc.
Kirino Okiharu & Sakashita Yuji (2018 Osaka alumni)
Surfs Med Inc.
Established in January, 2020
Surfs Med Inc.
Matsuzaki Tokio & Hayakawa Jin (2018 Tokyo alumni)
Crane Vascular Co., Ltd.
Established in February, 2020
Crane Vascular Co., Ltd.
Kajiyama Ai & Kinoshita Tomo (2018 Tohoku alumnae)
Medical Optfellow
Established in January, 2021
Sugimoto Munemasa & Yen Po Wang (2019 Tokyo alumni)
Medical Optfellow
Established in March, 2021
Medical Optfellow Co.,Ltd.
Matsuda Ken (2017 Tokyo alumnus)
Established in January, 2022
HICKY inc.
Kentaro Hayashi & Yusuke Kondo & Daisuke Inagaki & Hirotaka Ieki (2021 Tokyo alumnus)

Externship supporting company/organization

The Fellowship program has an externship in the Silicon Valley etc, and Japan Biodesign is collaborating with the following companies and organizations.

  • Ablative Solutions
  • Alembic, LLC
  • Avantec Vascular
  • Fogarty Institute
  • Fusion Design, Inc.
  • IDEO
  • Imperative Care, Inc.
  • INCUMEDx, Inc.
  • InterVene, Inc.
  • MagArray, Inc.
  • MedTech Innovator APAC
  • Mitsui & Co. Global Investment, Inc.
  • Phoenix DeVentures Inc.
  • Potrero Medical, Inc.
  • PuraCath Medical, Inc.
  • Remohab(in Japan)
  • SonoMotion, Inc.
  • Synergy Partners International
  • TheraNova, LLC
  • Triple Ring Technologies, Inc.
  • Voler Systems
  • Zenflow
  • ZOLL Circulation