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According to Espicom’s data, the global medical device market is anticipated to grow dramatically from the current $330 billion to $450 billion by 2018. On the other hand, medical devices originating in Japan are far behind those of the US in terms of market share, with trade deficits steadily expanding year after year. Different approaches have thus far been taken, including industry-academia collaborations. However, we still see many cases in which the products failed to capture market needs, and ended up not being successfully commercialized.
Against these backdrops, Japan Biodesign was launched in October 2015, based on the Stanford University Biodesign program, with the goals of developing medical devices based on the needs at the clinical site, and educating and training the next generation of leaders capable of leading from identifying needs to commercialization.
Although Japan Biodesign is run by multiple universities, it was necessary to have an organization that provides all sorts of support, such as collaborating with the industry, including the Japan Federation of Medical Devices Association, and operating programs. We therefore decided to establish a general incorporated association comprising industry and academia personnel, named Biodesign Japan.
By supporting the training and fostering of talents who lead innovations through the Japan Biodesign programs, Biodesign Japan will contribute to stimulating innovations in medical devices, and to promoting the growth and development of Japan’s industries.

Biodesign Japan
Chairman, Shinichi Izumi
The Japan Association for Medtech Innovation Chairman, Shinichi Izumi